What Made Me Happy In January?



For Christmas this year, my boyfriend’s mother bought us a Costco membership and it was the best gift we were given. We’ve used it at least every second grocery trip. It can be tricky to go in and find stuff that’s actually a good deal and not just a lot of stuff. We love getting berries from there. They are definitely a good price for what you get compared to our local grocery stores.

The chicken pot pies that they make in store are also delicious and only $10. We buy them and freeze them. They cook in an hour and it’s just an easy dinner that we get a few leftovers out of.



Stinky Shoes is my beautiful and funny cat. Before you judge me the name, there’s a story behind it. When my youngest sister was around three years old, we got this little kitten and she was in charge of naming him. She asked me what my first cat was named and my mom told her it was named Shoes (I have no memory of this). So my sister proudly declared, “I’m going to name this cat Stinky Shoes!”. And we kind of all loved it. He just goes by Stinky now (unless he’s on the counters or running away with a piece of my yarn), and he’s the best cat I could ask for. I chose to take him with me when I moved out and he’s never going anywhere.



I find that every winter I get back into this hobby. Especially since I’ve moved into my own apartment, I love knitting dishcloths and towels. It’s really simple to start- I watched YouTube tutorials when I was first learning. Walmart (one of my favourite stores) has amazing prices on needles and yarn.

Here is the channel I watched. I still watch it when I’m looking for new patterns and help with things I find online.



Another great gift that my boyfriend’s mom bought us was our AMAZING slow cooker. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve used it almost every day since we got it. I actually didn’t ask for this one, Evan did. He wanted pulled pork and an easier way for him to cook dinners.

I love making apple sauce in it. I just use this recipe and adapt it by putting it on low for 3 to 4 hours. I also double or triple it and store it in the fridge inside mason jars or Tupperware.



I’ve always loved Pinterest, but lately I’ve been obsessed with it. I’m not looking for anything in particular, just mostly inspiration for around the house.



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