My Handbag Collection

I’ve always been a HUGE fan of purses and bags, but never been able to afford anything super expensive. Lucky for me, there are a million cheaper brands that make luxury like bags.

I’ll admit that I do have two more expensive bags, but I got them with discounts and saved for them. I’ll begin with those guys.



I bought this bag just out of high school. I had my eye on it for months and I held back until it was marked down far enough. I ended up getting it for around $50, which is still expensive to me, and I felt the guilt afterwards. I used it for years, and I still use it some times- depending on what outfit I have one. It’s a beautiful blush colour and is very structured, something that’s a pattern throughout my collection.

Here’s a similar one with the same pebbled bottom and it’s $45.90 at Forever 21.


My second more expensive bag (and the most expensive one) is a beautiful Matt & Nat purse that I purchased just under a year ago. It was about $130, but I’ve gotten good use out of it. Recently it’s gone on sale for under $60 and I believe it’s no longer available on the Indigo website where I bought it, but it is on the Matt & Nat website for $84. It carries a lot of stuff.  And the inside is also made out of recycled bottles, which makes me feel a little bit better about spending that much money on it.


This Forever 21 crossbody is very worn. I’ve had it since I was 16, used it all throughout high school, some of my stint in university, and up until I bought the first blush coloured bag. I know it’s not on the website anymore, but there are so many good quality purses on the Forever 21 website and in their stores. I’ve used a link in almost every paragraph.


This cute little heart number was purchased at Indigo for around $20. I haven’t used it much because I feel like it only goes with a certain amount of looks and it’s pretty tiny for my handbag needs now, but I love pairing it with a leather jacket and a cute dress. Here’s a link to a similar one for $33.90


I bought this one because I was really looking for a cheap knock-off of a Chanel bag I wanted, and this one caught my eye at Winners. Now if you know Winners, you know that the prices are amazing, but the merchandise is only there for a limited time (some similar items: 1, 2, 3) and then it’s gone. I got this bag for a whopping $11.


I bought this crossbody when Target was still a thing in Canada and I started university with it because it was a good size for binders and books. After I left university it was good for resumes and shoes and everything you need when you’re applying for a job. I honestly couldn’t find anything for sale currently that really resembled this bag.






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