22 & Goals For a Year of Growth

The past year has been the year of changes. Wild, incredible, exciting, terrifying changes.

I left a job that I was comfortable with, where I worked with my boyfriend, and had spent three years of my life at.

I started my life with my wonder other half, Evan.


We moved in together, into our little apartment.


Now that Ii feel like I’m somewhat settled into my new life, I want to set myself some goals for 22.

  1. Workout more – I feel like everyone has this one on their list of goals, but slowly I’ve been implementing a workout into my life. I got myself a gym membership, for a gym that’s only a few minutes away, and I’m ready to get fit. 
  2. Smile often, feel more – I want to stress less about the little things because I’ve come to learn that most things work out for themselves in the end. 
  3. Sing – I’ve always loved singing, but I haven’t had an outlet for it in a while which has really stopped me from singing in general. So I want to just sing out more. Around my house, in the car, walking around- wherever. 
  4. Snap more photos – I want to capture everything I can and print them off. Put them on in a box. 
  5. Paint – I’ve been painting for a while just to relieve some anxiety. I used to do it to take up time and not have to think, but I want to do it to decorate now. 
  6. Yoga – I used to be really into yoga. I would wake up every morning and do yoga in my basement before I even ate breakfast. I want to start that again. (PS here’s the channel I love) 
  7. Drink more water – I’m a big pop drinker, but I find when I switch that out with water I feel better, my migraines aren’t as bad, and I sleep better. 
  8. Knit more – knitting makes me happy and produces something in the end, and I want to do more of what makes me happy. 
  9. Declutter – Although I don’t have a lot of clutter in my apartment as it is, we really don’t have room for any more. 
  10. Appreciate everything – stop dwelling on what’s wrong and focus on what’s good. 

There’s so many more things that I could work on and so more goals that I could set for myself, but I feel like 10 is a good number to start with.


One thought on “22 & Goals For a Year of Growth

  1. samzareski says:

    Alea! Your writing is so amazing and seems to come so natural for you. I’m going to look at this list when I need some inspiration/goals too. I definitely hope you keep posting these. I love reading them. Xox ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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