Best Places to Find Knitware


From September to around the end of March/ beginning of April is my favourite time to break out the big tub of jumpers and knit sweaters. Because the weather varies so much in Canada you can wear them on their own, under a jacket or layer them. Because I wear them for the majority of the year, I end up searching for them all year.



I’m big on quality and price. I look for a good deal for something thick and well made so that it doesn’t unravel and fall apart. My first recommendation is always thrift stores. Value Village, Salvation Army, Goody’s, and any little local store there is around. They usually have the best quality for the lowest price.



The best part about shopping for sweaters all year round is that from January to May you can get some pretty good deals on marked down knitware that shops are trying to get rid of.

Here is a list of my favourite places to get some amazing sale sweaters:

  1. H&M (Honestly, for better quality and if you like a looser fit like I do, head over to the men’s section and take a look)
  2. Forever 21 (I find that they have thinner sweaters that are better for layering)
  3. Hollister (Check the clearance! I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price for anything here)
  4. Bluenotes (Again, wait for the sales!)

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