My Spring To Do List

I know it’s only mid February, but after my birthday and Valentine’s Day, I’m ready for some warmer weather and a little more daylight. I like to set attainable goals for myself, every once in a while, to make myself happier. Not only do I start doing more things I love, but it gives me a sense of accomplishment.


So here are some little things I’m planning on doing to make myself happier this Spring:

  1. Keep more flowers in the house- especially daisies and tulips. Evan gave me purple tulips for our first Valentine’s Day together, so whenever I can find them I grab them.
  2. Go for rainy drives- I love driving around with Evan. It’s probably one of my favourite things. The best feature of our car is the sunroof, and when it’s raining I like to sit in the passenger seat and lean back. Watch the rain hit the roof of the car.
  3. Organize everything– and when i say everything, I mean everything. I want all of my craft stuff organized by colour and purpose. I want my closet purged. I want the boxes in storage that we just haven’t unpacked gone through.
  4. Read more- I have a dedicated reading corner in my apartment with a comfy chair and two large bookshelves that just completely goes unused. I plan to spend those rainy spring days at home in that chair.
  5. Bake & use fresh fruit- Spring is a great time for fruit and berries, and I love baking with the fresh stuff over the frozen stuff. Baking is always on my goals list. Not only does it bring me joy, but you get to eat that joy afterwards.


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