Introducing Our New Family Member!


A week ago we welcomed a new little, furry family member. She’s a five month old little spit fire who we fell in love with.

Evan and I have been wanting another cat for a long time. We’ve had a great experience with Stinky, but we’ve noticed him getting lonely and looking for someone to play with. We decided that for my birthday we would pick a kitten out together.


Stinky Shoes and Evan (left), Pippi and Evan (right)

We named her Pippi Longstockings, Pippi for short, but very quickly it turned into Pip. She took a while to get used to Stinky, but now they’re sleeping in the same space and playing together.


We’re excited to have a kitten together, watch her grow, and see her and Stinky just be together.

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