10 Lip Colours I Always Go Back To

IMG_1129My top 10 lip colours that I’ve had in my makeup drawer anywhere from 5 years to 5 weeks (I do repurchase when they expire). I’ve done half luxury (MAC, my favourite luxury lipstick brand), and half drugstore.


1) MAC Russian Red (Matte)- $22

The perfect red for me. It’s an amazing true vintage red. I usually line my lips when I use it, but for this purpose I didn’t.

2) MAC Steady Going (Retro Matte)- $22

I bought this when I was looking for a really great Barbie pink to go with my blonde hair.

3)MAC Pink Plaid (Matte)- $22

Very similar to Steady Going, but toned down.

4) MAC Lovelorn (Lustre)- $22

Another lovely pink shade. This one has a little shine to it. I’ve actually repurchased this twice and both times it’s gone through the washing machine. It does come out of clothes pretty easily, for those of you who may make the same mistake.

5) MAC Creme Cup (Cremesheen)- $22

I actually used this one for my prom in high school. I did my own makeup and this sheer nude colour spoke to me. It’s like a “my lips, but better” colour and when it wears off it doesn’t get all patchy and chunky, it just kind of vanishes. But not until after hours and hours of it on.

6) L’Oreal Infallible Paints in 314 Spicy Blush- $9.96

This is more of a liquid lip and it’s probably my favourite liquid lip to wear. It stays glossy, lasts, and is comfortable to wear.

7) L’Oreal Color Riche L’Extraordinaire in 103 Blushing Harmony- $10. 64

Similar to the lip paint above, but  in a richer colour. This one doesn’t set either and stays glossy all day.

8)Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in 005 Muse- $8.94

If you love wearable purple colours, you’ll love this one. I’ve had it forever and it feels amazing on the lips. Just like nothing was there.

9) NYC Lipstick in 319 Violet Shine- $1.57

That’s not a mistake. It’s really that cheap, and it’s amazing!

10) Covergirl Lipstick in 260 Heavenly Paradisaque- $6.99

VERY SIMILAR to the NYC lipstick, but less drying and a little creamier.

Leave your favourite lip colours below!


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