The Last Two Months.

Happy Belated Love Day everyone! My university is on February break this week so I thought I would dive back in and give an update on where I’ve been for the last two months.

We had an amazing Christmas surrounded by family and friends and kitties. Evan and I always spend Christmas morning just the two of us. We wake up, eat a big breakfast, and open gifts. Then we go for a big turkey dinner at his cousin’s house.

Then we celebrated New Years Eve with friends, and New Years Day at Evan’s mom’s house for her annual New Years dinner.

Winter classes started and I’m enjoying them (so far). I’m in mid-term season right not and trying to keep my cool.

Tulip season also started, and they’re my absolute favourite flowers. Evan gets me purple ones every year.

Then my birthday happened and I was SPOILED with a KitchenAid mixer. I have always wanted one and Evan and his mom went splits on it for me.

My New Years resolution for this year has been to wake up every morning and choose to be happy and to try and fit as many things that I enjoy as I can into each day. I’ve been listening to podcasts- mostly Dr. Phil and Armchair Experts with Dax Shepard, and I’ve been getting up every morning early enough to put on a full face of makeup, something I love doing.

I hope you are enjoying your 2019 so far! Comment and let me know what your resolutions were and if you’re still at them!

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