What I Loved in February.

I can’t believe February is over and we’re two months into 2019. January felt like it took forever, and February just flew by. My favourites for this month is a little shorter (just like the month), but I hope you enjoy it anyway!


Matt and Nat came out with a beautiful spring/summer line. They are my favourite purse company for a few reasons. The outside of their bags is vegan leather, the inside is made out of completely recycled material, and they do colours better than any other purse company out there.

I own a purse and a wallet by Matt and Nat that I use every day. The best thing about their vegan leather is that it looks like the real thing and doesn’t crack like other faux leather. It wears really nicely.


Rifle Paper Co. has done it again. Their new products are gorgeous and make me so excited for spring. Rifle Paper Co. does florals so well. I have a phone case by them, a few notebooks, and I’ve given many of their greeting cards.


I have been kind of obsessed with Instagram this month and I stumbled across a few new people. My favourite page this month has been Korie Riddle. Her pictures are amazing and I always look forward to when she posts stories. Everyone go follow her to see what she’s up to!

I do not own the images used in this blog post. Images are owned by company or party stated.

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