Netflix Shows I Watch Over & Over Again

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having an amazing first week of March. It’s been snowing and storming off and on here for days and we’ve been inside cuddled up with the heat on. Eventually, when you’re inside all day, you run out of shows to watch on Netflix, so you start watching them over again. Or, if you’re like me, you just rewatch them because you love them and they make you feel good.

Gilmore Girls


Gilmore Girls will forever be my go-to snow day show. I’ll start at the OG Gilmore Girls season one and make my way to the new Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. It’s a good show to wrap up in a blanket on the couch with a hot cup of tea (or coffee) and let the day pass. It’s also a good background show for when you’re doing homework.

The Office (US)


The Office is one of my all-time favourite shows. I first watched it when it was on TV and I was in Junior High. I was a little girl dreaming about finding my Jim (which I did). I rewatched it on Netflix a few years ago and then when Evan and I first started dating we watched it together too. He hated it at first. He had a hard time stomaching Michael Scott’s personality, but after the first season he was hooked.



I’m sure Friends is on everyone’s list of shows they watch over and over again. It’s a staple when it comes to sitcoms you can put on the background or sit and watch and still get a laugh out of even if you’ve seen the joke 10 times or more. Friends is another one of those shows that Evan and I bonded over. Everyone has at least heard of friends and it’s a good ice breaker, even if you’re just in shock that the other person hasn’t seen it before. Evan and I made plans to watch Friends (me for the millionth time, him for the first) together for our first date.

How I Met Your Mother


Although similar to Friends, it’s much more of a “slap-stick” style sitcom. It really relies more on the relationship of the group as a whole and plays on emotions, but does it really well. This is another show that I watched when it was on TV and then rewatched when it was added to Netflix. I highly recommend it.

Grey’s Anatomy


The best and the worst thing about Grey’s Anatomy: how many seasons there are. When you’re first starting it it’s intriguing that they’re on their 15th season and it’s exciting that you have so many episodes to watch, but it’s also kind of daunting and then once you get into it and the characters you love just keep leaving, you start to feel disheartened with the show. I started it when they were on their 11th season and watched from the first season on. I’m still DVRing and watching it every week, so the love hasn’t completely died.

What shows do you watch over and over again?

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