Physician Formula x Casey Holmes Review

Casey Holmes has been my favourite beauty guru and blogger for years and years. I have watched every video of hers (a few of them twice) and followed her life and love story. When she made the video presenting her collaboration with Physicians Formula I was ecstatic to order it. Then at the end she announced it would be in Shopper’s Drug Mart stores in Canada and I was beyond pumped. Of course because I’m in a part of Canada that isn’t Ontario it took a little over a month and a half from the release in America to come into stores in Canada, but as soon as it did I got my hands on it and I have been in love ever since. This pose is going to be my review of the product and swatches, and an everyday makeup look using these products will be available soon. Hope you enjoy!

Let’s get right into it:

The packaging is beautiful. It can seem a little bulky, but because of the message to her fans written on the inside I have absolutely no issue with it. The palette retails for $25.99 at Shopper’s Drug Mart, which in my opinions is a steal. The Butter Bronzer on its own sells for $19.99 at Shopper’s.

For the face the palette comes with the Butter Bronzer in deep, a Butter Blush in Copper Cabana, and a limited edition Butter Highlighter in Just Beachy.

Butter Bronzer in deep

My skin is very fair so I have a hard time finding shades of contour or bronzer that don’t look like mud on me. This one is little darker than I prefer, but because it’s a really good shade in between cool and warm it works on my skin. All colours in the palette are very pigmented, so use a light hand when applying and layer if you need it darker.

Butter Blush in Copper Cabana

I love this colour. Like I said before I am very fair so it’s a little too dark for me, but it’s the perfect coppery shade that goes well for Fall, Winter, and leading into Spring. It has a bit of a sheen to it and is beautiful in the light.

Limited Edition Butter Highlighter in Just Beachy

I LOVE the highlight in this palette. It’s so soft and goes on the skin like a dream. It has flecks of slightly larger glitter in it that looks amazing in the sun.

The eyeshadows in the palette are beautiful. From left to right, starting with the two limited edition ones, we have Do Not Disturb, No Filter, Tropic Like It’s Hot, and Palms Palms.

Do Not Disturb is the perfect base to put over your concealer or eye primer before you layer on any other eyeshadows. No Filter and Tropic Like It’s Hot are similar colours, however on the eyelid Tropic Like It’s Hot comes off a little deeper and more red toned. I would use No Filter as a crease or transition shade and Tropic Like It’s Hot in the outer v to deepen the look. Palms Palms is a shade that I’ve never seen before. It’s stunning on the eye. Usually colours so bright and with a sheen tend to be chunky or patchy, especially when coming from the drugstore, but Palms Palms is smooth and beautiful.

The palette comes with a lipstick and perfume. The perfume is the classic Butter Paradise scent (as is everything else in the palette), and the lipstick is limited edition and in the shade Pop The Bubbly.

The left is out of direct sunlight and the right is in the light. It has a little sparkle to it. REALLY pretty on the centre of the lip with a nice mauve shade.

If you’re interested in watching a tutorial on the palette and learning more about Casey Holmes, here if her video detailing everything:

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