Lemon Blueberry Loaf

Hi everyone! I hope wherever you are Spring is starting to arrive! It’s very windy and rainy here which generally is our Spring. I was shopping the other day and bought some tulips (my favourite flowers) and blueberries were on sale so I got a couple pints. I’m not sure why I did though because I don’t like blueberries. So after trying to eat them on Rice Krispees I decided to try my hand at making a loaf out of them. I also have two things of lemon juice because I bought the value pack at Costco and haven’t found many uses yet.
It actually turned out really delicious and I’m excited to add it to my rotation of loaves.

Note: If you’re using frozen blueberries don’t thaw them before putting them in your batter. Just bake them frozen.

For margarine I use I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and I also used 1% milk, but you can use anything you have on hand. I also didn’t have lemon zest so if you don’t have lemons on hand you can just use bottled lemon juice like I did and leave out the zest, but I do recommend it for those who want a little zing.

Happy baking!

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