7 Youtube Channels That Inspire Me

1. Till Vacuum Do Us Part

This Youtube channel really kicks me in the rear when I need to clean. One of my favourite things about her is that she uses inexpensive products which a lot of the time are just from the dollar store. You don’t need that fancy Mrs. Meyers to clean your kitchen.

2. LeighAnn Vlogs

LeighAnn has been one of my favourites for a while. She’s an OG Youtuber, but her stuff is still entertaining. Her vlogs usually have a little humour with them.

3. Kristin Johns

Ever felt like buying a plant but have no idea to care for it? You should watch Kristin’s channel. Also, if you’ve never felt like buying a plant, you’ll want to after watching any of her videos. Her channel is just a fun channel to watch.

4. HelloOctober

I love her aesthetic. I could watch her videos all day just to see what outfits she wears, and her tattoos are beautiful.

5. Casey Holmes

Casey Holmes is probably my favourite person who makes videos. She has two doggies, a husband, and is currently pregnant. I love her vlogs.

6. Helen Anderson (Anderz)

Helen’s vlogging style is super cool. It’s almost like watching a vintage movie. You can tell she puts a lot of work into what she does.

7. Beauty and the Beastons

This is another cleaning channel (can you tell what I do with my free time?). She does a voiceover with all of her videos and her voice is so nice to listen to. Plus, her decor is really beautiful.

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