Weekend Roundup: Bachelorette Party!

We are two weeks away from the wedding! I can’t believe it. I feel like I have so much to do and time is just going SO FAST. Someone please press pause and help me out?

Over the weekend, some of my beautiful bridesmaids treated me to a bachelorette weekend that I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams.

These beautiful girls treated me to some amazing food and a night away at a beautiful Airbnb in Lawrencetown. Everything was a complete surprise for me. First we began with a trip to Battery Park in Downtown Dartmouth where I had a burger and cider. Then we drove for about 30 minutes to a beautiful, indie looking cabin in Lawrencetown and we played games and drank all night. In the morning, we went out for brunch at Mic Mac Tavern (one of my favourite places).

For lunch at Battery Park I had the classic burger with fries and the Annapolis cider. It was delicious and I would absolutely go again. The burger was probably the best cooked burger I’ve ever had. For brunch the next morning I ordered the steak and eggs special at Mic Mac Tavern. In my opinion, you can’t go to Mic Mac Tavern without getting their steak. Even if it is 11 in the morning.

I also grabbed a Mimosa because it was a bachelorette brunch and you can’t do anything bachelorette without alcohol.

The highlight for me was ABSOLUTELY the gorgeous Airbnb that my girls rented. It was very boho-chic and charming. Basically, it’s going to be the inspiration for when I buy my own house.

I wasn’t expecting them to do much, but they really shocked me with how much love and care they put into my weekend. It makes me really glad that I chose the women I did to be my bridesmaids and I’m really looking forward to getting ready with them the morning of my wedding.

If you’ve had your bachelorette party, what did you do? Let me know below!

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