Current Favourite Bloggers

Welcome back everyone! I hope you’re having a great December and aren’t getting too much snow wherever you are. Since I’m currently on my winter break from school, I’ve been busying myself with catching up on all of the blogs I don’t have time to read during the semester. Their blogs bring me joy and I hope they can do the same for you!

Caitlin M. Covington runs Southern Curls & Pearls, which a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog.

Her outfits are gorgeous and she always makes sure to post where she gets everything, and if something isn’t available anymore then she links something similar.

Kyla runs Love, Kyla Nicole. It’s a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog. Full disclosure, Kyla is one of my best friends so I’m a little biased, but her posts are amazing!

My favourite thing about Kyla is that she knows her stuff. I’m always asking her what makeup and skincare I should buy.

Beth Emily Dann runs an a beautiful blog with lots of fun posts. She writes a lot of beauty posts and about her experience as a student!

I love the layout of her blog and her Instagram is amazing.

Taylor runs Repressing the Crazy which is a blog about her journey. She says she started it as a way to write down all of her ideas and I love that!

Repressing the Crazy is a lifestyle blog about “home decor and millennial living”!

Keating runs Mainely Keating which is a blog about her life with her husband, her child (soon-to-be children), and her love of Maine.

Maine is SUPER similar to Nova Scotia, so when I read her posts and see what she’s wearing I can relate a little more than the bloggers in California I follow.

Andrea Bou is a fashion designer and photographer who is based in Spain.

Her blog has a beautiful, minimalist design which I’m going to use as inspiration for my apartment.

She also makes Youtube videos!

Gabby runs Gabby in the City which is a fashion and beauty blog based in New York City.

I love Gabby. Just scrolling through her posts can make my day better. She always looks so cheerful and happy and it’s contagious, even through a computer screen.

She’s also the same age as me!

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