Favourite Vlogmas Channels of 2019

The semester is over! I have four exams within the next week and then I’m done until early January. I’m not really nervous about any of my exams, but I know some of them I have to study for more than others.

One of the things I do to get in the Christmas mood (even when I’m still in school mode) is watch people on Youtube who are doing Vlogmas. I noticed that not many of the people I follow are doing it this year, so if you have any recommendations for me to watch leave them below!

I haven’t been watching Alisha Marie for that long, but I love her general humour and confidence. Plus her Vlogmas intro is amazing. It’s literally what mine would be like if I did Vlogmas. Except it would be with A&W.

I started watching Melissa Lucy’s channel a few months go when I was looking for some study inspiration and more students to relate to online. I am so glad she’s doing Vlogmas!

I have been watching Zoe Sugg (also known as Zoella) for YEARS. Since I still lived at home. I look forward to her Vlogmas every year and I am so glad she’s doing it. It’s going to be a bit less jolly the year she decides to stop doing it.

Tracy and Stefanie (Tee and Ess or EleventhGorgeous) is also a holiday staple for me. I genuinely love their vlog channel and their main channel and they also have boutique if you want to check it out! They’re awesome!

HelloOctober has an amazing channel all year ’round, but she also makes really great Vlogmas videos. She has such great taste and amazing fashion sense!

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