How I Schedule Assigned Readings

Happy New Year!
A new year means the start of another semester. I’m feeling okay about this semester. It started off with a few bumps, but my first week back has been good so far. If you’re interested, I update much more with my daily university life experience on my Instagram stories. Make sure to comment below before you leave and tell me about your new semester, if you’re in school. What classes are you taking? Which one are you most excited about? Which one are you the most worried about? Anything you want to tell me!

One of the things most students struggle with is keeping track of assigned readings. When you’re taking multiple courses with a lot of assignments it can be easy to fall behind and then have to play a game of catch-up.

I am a huge scheduler and a fairly organized person, so as soon as I get my syllabus I sit down and schedule all of my readings and when I should read this. Most of my schoolwork is done on my iPad because it’s convenient and syncs with all of my other devices, but it can be done on any laptop, or even your phone, or just with paper and pen.

The program I use to create mine is Google Sheets. First, I’ll begin with two tables. One for readings and one to keep track of assignments.

Beginning from the left, there is a section for the class date, which would be the date of the class you have to read whatever is assigned to you for. So if I know that for my class next Wednesday (January 15th) I have to read chapter 3, I would write “Jan 15” in this section.

The next section is the days that I’ll have available to read chapter 3. If I have this class every Wednesday then I give myself from the day after (Thursday, January 9th) to the night before the class it has to be read for (January14th). So this way I can go through every sheet and know exactly what I have to read for each week. I would write “Jan 9-14”.

The third section is what you’ll be reading. I put the title and then I link it to the article or the document. The last section is just a checkbox so that I can keep track of what I’ve already read and what to do next.

In the smaller table, the first section is Homework and for this I would write whatever the title is in the syllabus. For example, “Assignment #1” or “Final Exam”, and then I would write how much it is worth out of my final grade, the due date, and more check boxes.

Here is an example of the final product:

Each class’s reading schedule is going to look a little bit different. For some I’ll have the class only once a week and others twice a week. Some readings will be for the whole week while others there will be separate readings for each class.

For the schedule above I have multiple readings for each week and I’ve linked to each one so I can keep them all in one place, rather than having to search for them. Some weeks have no readings and I made a note of that. If you look over at my homework schedule you can see that the values don’t add up to 100%. I only made note of things I have to pass in and not participation or anything that I really need to keep track of myself. I also throw all of my assignments into my Google Calendar, which I use religiously.

For people who would rather write it out and plan it on paper, or download a document you can full out on your computer, I’ve created a little downloadable below.

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